Re: nautilus-media question

On 8 Jan 2003, Lee Willis wrote:

> Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> writes:
> > I just changed the thumbnailer configuration to be stored in GConf. I 
> > expect thumbnailers to ship with schema files so that is will be quite 
> > easy to enable/disable them.
> I'm using the last garnome release, so my system still reads from
> thumbnailrc and I've still never been able to get gst-thumbnail to
> thumbnail my MPEGs, gst-thumbnail doesn't even produce a .png if run
> manually, nor any errors - I've just never had enough time to file a
> bug!
> Is there something specific we should be looking at that would lead to
> a good bug report?

That sounds like a bug in gst-thumbnail itself. I don't know much about 
it. Is other gstreamer apps able to show the files?

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