Re: nautilus-media question

<quote who="Alexander Larsson">

> >   - Dave has done a release of Nautilus for RC1, so I would assume that
> >   it's deep-frozen now - will you be doing another release for RC1 with
> >   this change? (to push the deep-freeze excuse out of the way)
> Its a libgnomeui change. And will be in the RC1 tarball.

(Ahr! That makes too much sense.)

> > I know that we haven't had a lot of hacking time for 2.2, but we have to
> > say no at some stage to get this stuff out on time, and as bug-free as
> > possible.  Please, everyone, keep that in mind. It would be great to
> > avoid a lengthy series of point releases now that we've got a sane
> > release process.
> Yes, and I'm sorry about this. I should know better as I've been spanked
> by the release-team before...

It is okay; many thanks for letting us make an example of you again. ;-)

- Jeff

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