Re: Gnome SuperUser


We already talked about that when I ported gnome-sudo to 2.0 and we
pretty much agreed that it was a better idea to depend on pam and
consolehelper rather than on "su-like" programs.

Read this thread:

On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 15:22, MArk Finlay wrote:
> There has been some disussion in the past about having a kdesu[1] style
> program for Gnome. Every now and then someone comes along and says that
> they are going to program one. There has been gnomesu, gsu, gtksu, xsu
> and an attempted port of kdesu to gnome[2].
> None of the above projects are being actively maintained and some of
> them cannot even be found online anymore. I know that a lot of users
> want a (gooey)way to run programs as root easily and I had some time to

If you want gooey ways, try to pour a jam jar on your keyboard, or a
bottle of Coke... Worked for me.

> spare so I started looking around for some code to use.
> A week and a half later i bring you Gnome SuperUser:
> As the url implies it is based on xsu and at the moment I am using xsu's
> cvs and sf resources for it's development(thanks to xsu's author: Philip
> Van Hoof). I found xsu to be unintuitive and excessively complicated for
> what it does so i have simplified it and improved the ui. You can find
> instructions for checking out the code from sf cvs, and a screenshot on
> the site.
> I know that there are a lot of problems with running gtk apps as root
> and that it may never be possible to include this sort of program in the
> core gnome desktop, but I'd like to think that it has a home somewhere
> in the Gnome Software collection, maybe in the fifth toe or hackers'
> toys?
> Anyway, my plans for this tool are to finish off it's UI and behavior
> and to try and make it as secure as is possible. I'd love if I could
> continue to hack on it using gnome cvs and bugzilla where it could
> receive scrutiny from better hackers than myself, and maybe some i18n
> love etc..
> Also I would like to hear from people on this list the resons why a gsu
> program is not wanted in the gnome desktop so that maybe I can do some
> research and see if the situation can be improved.
> [1]In case you've never used it it is a little kde program that you run
> with the syntax 'kdesu <command>'. It then asks you your root password
> ans runs the command as root.
> [2]There is also some code in the gnome-system-tools but currently this
> is only used to run those tools as root.


/Bastien Nocera

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/lib/i686/ printf ("Oh my %s\n", preferred_deity);
Segmentation fault

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