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On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 15:37, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> Hi,
> We already talked about that when I ported gnome-sudo to 2.0 and we
> pretty much agreed that it was a better idea to depend on pam and
> consolehelper rather than on "su-like" programs.

"It would still be fine to have gnome-sudo, I have no objections, as
long as it's easy to drop it out."
	Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com>

IMHO consolehelper is a great distribution tool but I am sick of hearing
that it is the reason why we don't have an interface to su or sudo in
gnome. Havoc is obviously against tightly integrating such a tool as you
suggested in that thread, but just having the tool there and easy for
redhat not to include should not be a problem.

	"consolehelper  requires that a PAM configuration for every
       managed  program  exist.   So   to   make   /sbin/foo   or
       /usr/sbin/foo  managed,  you  need  to  create a link from
       /usr/bin/foo to @BINDIR@/consolehelper and create the file
       /etc/pam.d/foo, normally using the pam_console(8) PAM mod-

To me that is not easy to use. Certainly not as easy to use as 'gnomesu
<command>'. Doesn't su use PAM on redhat anyway? even if it doesn't what
is so wrong about using su?

Console helper is a way for distributions and admins to set up programs
that can be run as root. But generally it is for programs that can
_only_ be run as root. What I want to provide is a way from users to
easily run a program as root without droping to a console and doing 
'su -c'

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