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On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 16:20, Dan Mann wrote:
> I tell you what I would like, is the ability to run a nautilus window as
> root so I can move files back and forth from protected areas like my
> wife's home directory and my home directory without having to open a
> terminal, su, than do the copy.  It's really nice when moving things
> like wallpaper that my wife might like when you have thumbnails to see
> what you are moving.  I even put certain semi important files in a
> separate directory from my normal files, and then remove all access so
> that I don't ever accidentally delete them.  If I do this as root, then
> I have to go back in with a terminal and change permissions.  And I like
> the way nautilus handles permissions with a click (I never remember the
> commands and I always end up doing chmod --help (oh listen to me cry,
> why when my pappy used to change file permissions he had to do it on a
> system that's cpu usage was spiked at 100% and was running with 4k, and
> he had to use a hex editor manually on the disk.  I've got it so easy).

Am i missing something or would this not be easily achieved by
installing my program and creating a launcher that points to 'xsu --
nautilus --no-desktop'

You click on it, type in your root password and then you have a root
nautilus window.

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