Re: Compiling and installing third party gnome apps...

Am Mon, 2003-01-13 um 23.29 schrieb Gregory Leblanc:
> On Mon, 2003-01-13 at 11:12, MArk Finlay wrote:
> > /usr/local is a different PREFIX to /usr. The Gnu standard is to use
> > /usr/local, the Redhat-compatible standard is to use /usr. If you
> > install gnome into /usr it will pick up applications in /usr. The same
> > is true for /usr/local or /opt/gnome2 or any PREFIX you can dream up.
> > 
> > So my advice is to install your apps into /usr with 
> > ./configure --prefix=/usr
> Erk, this isn't very good advice, I'm afraid.  There don't seem to be a
> lot of applications with a working, complete 'make uninstall' target. 
> So, if you install things into /usr, you're pretty much stuck with them
> forever.  If you're not going to use a real package management system,
> installing things into some prefix that you don't mind wiping out from
> time to time is the best solution.  
> If you want to have GNOME installed into multiple prefixes, you should
> be able to set the 'GNOME_PATH' environmental variable (it's a colon
> separated list) to all of the paths where pieces of GNOME are
> installed.  The downsides are that a few things don't obey this variable
> (the panel menus being the most notable one).

A fix for this would be to add this
"<ItemDir>/usr/local/share/applications/</ItemDir>" line to


Joergen Scheibengruber <Joergen Scheibengruber informatik uni-ulm de>

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