Re: My take on Totem and GStreamer

sön 2003-06-01 klockan 12.35 skrev Mark Finlay:
> > > * If colorspace is not installed then it gives an error that
> > > "gst-player" requires colorspace.
> > 
> > Indeed colorspace is needed. I m not sure we can do without, i ll ask.
> No, it is needed - but there error message made reference to gst-player
> instead of totem

If totem does display "raw" gstreamer error texts in its dialogs, that's
a big problem. Gstreamer didn't support localization last time I had a
look, and we don't want unlocalized content in user visible dialogs in

Ideally, gstreamer would allow for the top-level application to replace
all such texts with its own messages, i.e. so that all such messages can
be translated entirely within totem in this case. That would also help
even if gstreamer supported localization in the future, since gstreamer
isn't hosted on and we would still have the same teams
translating both GNOME, totem, and it's error messages, and the same
level of support.

If what I'm saying is complete rubbish please don't hesitate to tell me
so. It's just that I see a potential major problem if verbatim gstreamer
error messages are passed directly to totem for display.


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