Re: Cleaning Up gnome-desktop/pixmaps

Il ven, 2003-06-06 alle 14:19, Mark Finlay ha scritto:
> I've taken a look at gnome-desktop/pixmaps and have started to clean it
> up. I've moved ten icons that are used in the menus to gnome-icon-theme,
> added a new gnome-accessories icon, and replaced the old 
> logout and lock screen icons with some sexy ones provided by jimmac.
> But there's still quite a few left to sort out. I'm gonna try my best
> to get them done, but if anyone would like to help ;) Also I want to
> make sure that I don't remove any important icons.

You are lucky. I'm serching too :-)
And I'm making an icon theme to test them. Ask me.

> Control Center icons:
> gnome-ccmime  --- needs to be repaced

see -> document_types_compat

> gnome-ccthemes -- needs to be renamed to gnome-themes

see -> Legacy (I like it)

or -> Behavior

or -> Theme

> gnome-session

See -> session

> gnome-cckeyboard-bell


> gnome-cckeyboard

I prefer -> keyboard
(actually we are using keyboard3d, but keyboard is really better, if you
need to resize it)

> Should I move these to g-i-t as well or should they be moved to the 
> control center module?

g-i-t/48x48/apps and you don't need to replace current :-) But theming
them seems that metacity don't want use and keep old from

> -!-!-
> Move to appropriate app modules:
> gnome-monitor

I made a better one, I attach it. BTW it's used from applet !!!

> gnome-log
> gnome-set-time
> gnome-calc3
> I think that these ones are still used by apps and so should be 
> moved to their respective app modules. Anyone want to claim them
> or point me to where to put them?
> -!-!-
> To be removed:
> gnome-home

It's used from Application->Home entry (and the small launcher in top
panel, default config), but yeah, both should use gnome-fs-home from

> gnome-aorta
> gnome-applets

> gnome-background
> gnome-calc2
> gnome-calendar
> gnome-ccbackground
> gnome-ccdialog
> gnome-ccdesktop

It's used somewhere... Oh, yes, in startup splashscreen. Besides I think
both splash screen and desktop button shuold use gnome-fs-desktop from
theme !!

> gnome-ccperiph
> gnome-ccscreensaver

probably used or duplicated

> gnome-cc-windowmanager

see abocve

> gnome-color-browser
> gnome-color-xterm
> gnome-computer

replace, don't remove

> gnome-cronmagon
> gnome-day
> gnome-debian
> gnome-diskfree
> gnome-emacs
> gnome-eterm
> gnome-favorites
> gnome-file-c
> gnome-file-h
> gnome-folder

it's used from Desktop Prefer -> Advanced (this should use a simple

> gnome-gemvt
> gnome-gimp
> gnome-gmenu
> gnome-gmush
> gnome-gnomoku
> gnome-image-gif
> gnome-image-jpeg
> gnome-irc
> gnome-mailcheck

use from mail applet

> gnome-mdi
> gnome-mnemnoic
> gnome-modem

used from applet

> gnome-money

used from applet

> gnome-month
> gnome-mouse

replace with g-c-c one

> gnome-news
> gnome-note
> gnome-qeye
> gnome-spider
> gnome-squeak
> gnome-suse
> gnome-talk
> gnome-term-linux*
> gnome-term
> gnomer-term-tiger
> gnome-touristinfo
> gnome-user-interface
> gnome-util
> gnome-week
> gnome-windows
> gnome-word
> gnome-workspace
> gnome-xterm
> gtkvim
> kterm
> launcher-program
> monitor
> sourceforge
> These icons are all unused AFAICT (correct me if I'm wrong)

_Probaly_ yes

> In the long run we want to add some icons for use with custom 
> launchers but these ones aren't really useful in that regard
> and so should be removed IMHO. If no-one objects I'll do this 
> over the weekend. They'll still be avaliable in the cvs history 
> if anyone wants to use them, right?

I spend last two week downloading them from jimmac website or making
with GIMP and collecting in a working icon theme. I'll send you if you
want. It's not finished and it needs a couple of patches that I don't
yet made (differen icons for Office and Other, an icon gnome-proxy
different from gnome-globe), but, yes, GNOME interface became really
good and cool

> -!-!-
> New icons needed in icon-theme/48x48/apps:
> gnome-office
> gnome-other
> These should replace the old gnome-applications icon.
> I'm going to browse jimmac's site for icons to use for these
> as well as to replace some other older icons like gnome-games
> and gnome-graphics and gnome-globe.

Absolutely true. I made it on my sistem, but I've to prepare patch.

Think bigger

			My uncle

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