Re: Cleaning Up gnome-desktop/pixmaps

> Definitely worth checking your list of icons against the stock and
> icon-themed ones used by the HighContrastLargePrint theme in
> gnome-themes... all the icons it installs are being used somewhere on
> the desktop, so it would be nice if they weren't removed :)

Yeah, good idea - I went through and found these ones were in the
a11y icon themes so have taken them off my list:

also gnome-home is there but we really should be using gnome-fs-home.
I have taken it off my list for the moment, but we really should
fixup any apps/launchers that still use gnome-home

> Any icons you change from gtk-stock -> icon-themed (as I think I noticed
> you were doing with some of the panel ones) will also need to be fixed
> up in all the a11y themes, but that should be reasonably trivial.

gtk-stock? I assume you mean the icons in gnome-desktop. Just moving
icons from gnome-desktop to g-i-t shouldn't cause any problems with the
a11y themes. But what will cause trouble are the icons i've

gnome-utils -> gnome-accessories (new icon)
gnome-joystick -> gnome-games
gnome-devel -> gnome-programming

For the first one I asked Mark (bug #98899) if it was ok to break
compatibiltiy with current icon themes that theme the menus, and he said
it was. I did the other two on my own perogative :/

The way to fix this is to either:
a) rename the icons in the a11y themes aswell
b) rename the icons in g-i-t back to what they were and fix the
.directory files to point back at these.

The benefit of a) is that we have icons that better describe where they
are used in the UI. The benefit of b) is that we don't break
compatibility with icon themes being used atm, eg. Bluecurve


Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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