Re: Better default background

> Making the background very light is an accessibility problem unless we
> can control it from the Theme capplet.  

Hmm, well we can change fonts from the applet can't we - shouldn't be
too hard to add support for background changing, even if not part of the

> Please don't do that before we
> get the "user profiles" feature ;-)

What exactly is the user profiles feature

> the current default works very well with the accessibility/low-vision
> themes.

Is it necessary to have a black/purple gradient for this to work? It's
not like we're suggesting that we change to baby blue ;) Have you tried
jeff's gradient - it's very dark. Or we could use a solid #677587 for
example - still looks quite reasonable, would be great if it was
adaquate for a11y.

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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