Re: Better default background

On Fri, 2003-06-06 at 16:34, Mark Finlay wrote:
> Hmm, well we can change fonts from the applet can't we - shouldn't be
> too hard to add support for background changing, even if not part of the
> ui.
That's been suggested before; I think it's a fine idea but there didn't
seem to be enough buy-in at the time.  Changing the font from the theme
capplet, though I personally believe it's correct, was very
controversial and as a result doesn't play that well with the rest of 
theming or font selection.

> > Please don't do that before we
> > get the "user profiles" feature ;-)
> What exactly is the user profiles feature
My understanding is that it's a sort of uber-theme feature that 
allows a user to create (or load and reuse) sets of preferences that
for one reason or another go beyond the definition of "theme" as it's 
understood by the gnome ui folks.  Such a feature would allow a
one-click change not only to font, theme, background, but other gconf
settings too.

> > the current default works very well with the accessibility/low-vision
> > themes.
> Is it necessary to have a black/purple gradient for this to work? 

Naah, though the HighContrastInverse theme is black and purple too;-)
As long as the background isn't very bright and doesn't have lots of
distracting visual detail on it it's fine.
I was only worried about the light bg with a low-contrast foot on it,
that one was too bright.

- Bill

> not like we're suggesting that we change to baby blue ;) 
Have you tried
> jeff's gradient - it's very dark. Or we could use a solid #677587 for
> example - still looks quite reasonable, would be great if it was
> adaquate for a11y.
> -- 
> Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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