Re: Regarding Nautilus scripts

> the GNOME Search tool (Actions->Search for files) already contains grep
> functionality. It just misses the ability to display the matched lines.

But that tool is not _integrated_ to the file manager. It is key feature to
be integrated.

> > * Convert to ogg
> >
> this could perfectly be MIME actions for audio files, distributed with,
> for instance, gstreamer.

What do you mean by saying "MIME action" exactly?
What I am talking is about integration with the file manager when you select
files/dirs. Can this "MIME action" do the exact same?

> > * Touch
> >
> maybe this could be an option in the nautilus file properties dialog.

Correct me if I am wrong, but a properies dialog will only show properties
for a single directory or a single file.

> > * Send to email/fax/printer/etc
> >
> again, this should be MIME actions distributed with
> evolution/gfax/gnome-print.

Of course and this is what I mean, when you do a "Send to email", Gnome
should have such a level of integration that Nautilus will be able to "call"
any gnome application and do what it has to do. But again I don't understand
the naming of "MIME action". Please clarify.

> > * Unix2Dos/Dos2Unix
> >
> those one makes sense, although maybe also they could be MIME actions
> :-)
> > * Run
> > * ToUpper/ToLower
> > and much more.... use your imagination, add functionality, cut
> > bloat/clutter. :D
> >
> while I am a big supporter of the scripting stuff in Nautilus, I don't
> think most of the things you say should be scripts.

No, I am not advocating for the limited power of scripts. They should be
addons. Binary addons.

>It makes much more
> sense to me to have MIME context menus, implemented in the different
> individual applications (evo, gstreamer, etc).

Hmm... let me get this straight. Are you saying that when for example you
want to convert mp3 to ogg you will need to load another application and do
it through that app? But this is what happens today. It is nowhere as
elegant solution as the key is to open your file manager, select a few files
and tell an addon what to do with those selected files.  Right there,
immediately. These are functions that should co-exist with the file manager,
as it is file manipulation.


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