RE: Consensus on a new background

Am Son, 2003-06-08 um 16.03 schrieb Christophe Fergeau:
> > I REALLY like that. It's much better in tune with the gnome
> > artwork style. The problem with my one is that it was too
> > shiny. If i can get permission to change the background I think
> > I'll definately use this one...
> Wasn't there some discussion some time ago with showing feet being
> considered rude of offensive in some cultures ? If so, wouldn't a
> foot-less background be more appropriate ?
> Just my (probably pointless) 2 cents ;)
> Christophe

Why not something which isn't branded? Neither MacOS X nor Windows has
branded wallpaper for the default theme. I don't see why the default
theme needs to has a conservative look about it. Although I do agree
with other comments about a good balance between that and over the top
eye candy.


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