Re: More release schedule

On 2003-06-08(Sun) 11:57:36 +0800, Funda Wang wrote:
> If it is possible, translators should get the release schedule of
> individual product through this mailing list. Currently, we could only
> know when GNOME 2.4 is to be released. We won't know when Evolution,
> Gnumeric will be released.
> Release schedule is very important. We will reorganize our time to fit
> the release. That is, if Evolution is to be released within one week or so,
> evolution will be marked as the most important task, which should be finished
> as soon as possible.
> Maintainers should put the release schedule of each product in here. 

(CC to desktop-devel-list)

To put it shortly, some do, some forgot and some don't know.
Situation has already improved -- gnome-i18n is receiving more
release notices ahead than before. But do get most updated info
(especially apps that don't belong to GNOME), you'd like to
subscribe to various mailing lists or join various IRC channels
for now. Things will be better later; just that it won't suddenly
happen tomorrow.


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