Re: Regarding Nautilus scripts

> yes, based on MIME types, it can add to the context menu everthing it
> wants.

Personally, I am not sure if I prefer this, or if I prefer this in
conjuction to addons.

> then we agree, since what I'm saying is that they should be add-ons
> included in 3rd party apps.

Yes, this is an option. A third party application, e.g. Gimp, to have an
addon for nautilus to let's say, resize the selected images to a
user-defined size. However, do I want the whole complex application of Gimp
to load in order to do that? Do I need to load Bluefish or Screem or Gedit
to convert the Dos 2 Unix text files? Or do I need a simple, completely
focused small application to do only what they supposed to do?

> > >It makes much more
> > > sense to me to have MIME context menus, implemented in the different
> > > individual applications (evo, gstreamer, etc).
> >
> > Hmm... let me get this straight. Are you saying that when for example
> > want to convert mp3 to ogg you will need to load another application and
> > it through that app?
> >
> via a component, yes, activated via the nautilus context menu. This
> means that you call the specialized app to do the job, instead of
> overloading with features nautilus.

I believe that Nautilus will be overloaded with these mime extentions in its
toplevel menu anyway. And the loading of third party apps that don't do the
specialized thing asked but loading their full monty, is just wrong for this
type of thing I wanted to present here. When I need an "mp3 to ogg", I just
want a small window to popup and only have 2-3 options that I can click (or
none at all in the dos2unix, or touch) and do the job immediately, without
having to load full applications that are complex and do more of what I
really ask.

I believe that MIME integration should be there, but it not the same as an
addon architecture. It won't work well for everyone, and in some cases it
might bloat Nautilus' top level menu.

Another example: If I want a bulk renamer, this is Nautilus' job to do it
via an nicely done addon (e.g. There is no third party
renamer application for Gnome2 AFAIK that would handle that...


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