Re: Network Monitor applet

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 15:47, Mark Finlay wrote:
> > 	2) No standard mechanism for adding icons to the notification area. I'd
> > prefer a dialog with the notification area where you could
> > enable/disable all available icons - others seem to prefer the "show
> > status in notification area" checkbox in random preferences/settings
> > dialog. The former option is quite a bit of work in any case.
> My understanding is that it works like this atm:
> App says "show this in the notification area", notification area shows
> it.
> Could you add a standard item to the context menu of all the
> notification area applets called "Hide" or whatever. That menu item
> would be part of the notification area not the applet. When the user
> chooses hide, the notification area adds that app to it's list of apps
> to ignore. 
> This way you could have a list of disabled applets in the notification
> area preferences (where they make the most sense), without having to
> massively change the way the whole thing works.

I don't believe this is possible tho.  The notification area doesn't
show icons, it shows widgets.  The menues are fully under the control of
the process that made/registered the widget.  There isn't anyway to
standardize any kind of functionality like this, except to put it into a
library for notification area items (that not only GNOME, but all other
apps using the spec, made use of).

Or maybe this has all changed since the last time I looked and I'm
totally wrong on how it works now... wouldn't be surprised.  ~,^

> Hope this makes sense..

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