Re: Network Monitor applet

> 	2) No standard mechanism for adding icons to the notification area. I'd
> prefer a dialog with the notification area where you could
> enable/disable all available icons - others seem to prefer the "show
> status in notification area" checkbox in random preferences/settings
> dialog. The former option is quite a bit of work in any case.

My understanding is that it works like this atm:
App says "show this in the notification area", notification area shows

Could you add a standard item to the context menu of all the
notification area applets called "Hide" or whatever. That menu item
would be part of the notification area not the applet. When the user
chooses hide, the notification area adds that app to it's list of apps
to ignore. 

This way you could have a list of disabled applets in the notification
area preferences (where they make the most sense), without having to
massively change the way the whole thing works.

Hope this makes sense..

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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