Re: Unbreaking the gnome clipboard

> >  I know it's probably way too
> > late to start trying to get this included in 2.4
> Yeah, but it's never too early to start preparing it, or something like
> it, for GNOME 2.6

My coding skills are pathetic - but I'm pretty sure that I could
slice and dice gcm into gcd - Gnome clipboard deamon. The UI is totally
unnecessary imho - gnome just needs a consistent clipboard.

The author of gcm is rewriting it in gtk# and has no interest anymore in
the C version (gcm in gnome cvs) - so if we want to use any of the code
someone here would have to maintain it.

Havoc mentioned a while back that if we just wanted a deamon it would
make sense to add it to gnome-settings-deamon or something like that.
Unforutantly I'm not sure how I would go about that.

Either way, I'll be away for 1.5 months this summer so it'll be the end
of august before I could really look at this. If no-one else has done
anything by then, I'll give it a try.

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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