Re: Release Team's Almost-Final Modules List

ons 2003-05-28 klockan 21.44 skrev Jeff Waugh:
> This list will become the official new modules list for GNOME 2.3.x on June
> 2, enshrined forever in GEP 11, unless we hear loud wailing and gnashing of
> teeth at any of our judgements before then. That means you have just under a
> week to bring up any doubts or queries you have about this list.
>     epiphany
>     gcalctool
>     gtksourceview
>     gnome-mag
>     gnome-speech
>     gnomemeeting
>     gnopernicus
>     gok
>     gpdf
>     gucharmap
>     nautilus-cd-burner
>     fontilus (now part of control-center)
>     themus (now part of control-center)
>     zenity

So is this the very final list of 2.3 module additions? Any chance that
we could have a list of all the 2.3 modules engraved somewhere on the page?

Sorry for rehashing this, it's just that I'd like to make sure
translators are spending their time now on the right modules for the 2.4
release, so a definitive, authoritative (and human-readable) list on the
web would be a tremendous help.


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