Re: I18N Keyboard in GNOME: after GUADEC

> I think the consensus in the end at the discussion was that 2.6 was more
> likely, as it's unfortunately kind of late for 2.4.
Well, probably I got it wrong:) No problem, I will target 2.6 - just I
would really like to get the UI review ASAP. Otherwise we will not make
it even by 2.6:). You know, I do this in my spare time (well, I would
like to get full time job in some OSS company but ...:), so following
tight schedules can be difficult for me at some periods... Though many
users really wanted it by 2.4 and functionally (I don't mean bells and
whistles like preview) is already frozen since May. But if release
engineers are saying "late" - I am not in position to argue:)



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