Re: Promoting greater integration between developers/writers/I18N:) [and testers!:)]

<quote who="Fernando Herrera">

> Hi. New bug-buddy 2.3.X has an new option to report "wrong translation"
> bugs. Basically it will fill the bug report (with a template like: "Text
> is located at: / Current text is: / It should be: ") and it will fill it
> against the product/component and will add the I18N keyword. So I hope
> with this we will be able to catch lot of typos from user feedback.

Cool. :-)

> What I want to do is to add a very simple patch to libgnomeui that add a
> "Report a bug..." item to the help menu (in the Ximian monkeytalk patch
> way). This will be very helpful to novice users that are seeing a bug in
> is file manager but don't know that it is called Nautilus neither File
> Manager.

Yes please! This would be great. James Henstridge mentioned some breakage in
gnome-python associated with the old Ximian patch though, so it would need
to be a careful change. Alternatively, we could put another button in the
help box... There was some discussion at GUADEC about adding an About GNOME
button, so I'm sure a "Report Bug" button would be okay. Just gotta be
careful about button overload. ;-)

> We ca have this feature in every GNOME release or only in the Beta
> releases

(Distros would very likely remove it from their releases, so yeah, unstable
releases only, methinks.)

> (I also would like to have a pretty screen shown when session is
> up saying something like "Thanks for trying GNOME Beta 2.3.X. Please
> report any bug using the entry in Help menu.  blabla, []Don't show this
> dialog again).

Yeah, that'd be sweet. There was also some discussion at GUADEC about
putting the About GNOME dialogue into the default session. Perhaps this
would suffice, if it mentioned how to get involved wrt bug reporting and

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
  "I rather think of Pat as our linguistic ornithologist here - 'Oh look,
         the brown noddy also nests in the mangrove!'" - John Fleck

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