Is the ORBit2 stubs/skels breakage unacceptable?


So, I would like to determine whether the stubs/skels breakage in ORBit2
0.7.x is acceptable, given that ORBit2 is part of the Developer Platform,
and ought to have API/ABI compat throughout the 2.x series.

The stubs/skels stuff is a little unclear, because it's not really API or
ABI breakage, but it does mean that you cannot build software based on 2.0
and 2.2 on the new ORBit2 without changes to the tarball.

To me, this not only rings warning bells (paranoid or not), but it seems to
be against the spirit of the API and ABI guarantees -> surely 'third party'
software [1] should happily build against newer 2.x platforms, as well as
being technically API/ABI safe?

  (Unfortunately for us, Michael is on holidays right now, so we'll either
  have to sort this out without him, or wait until he gets back.)


- Jeff

[1] and indeed our own... there are four or so modules in 2.3.x that require
new releases since the original 2.3.3 tarballs were released due to this

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