Re: Promoting greater integration between developers/writers/I18N:) [and testers!:)]

<quote who="Mike Hearn">

> > > We can have this feature in every GNOME release or only in the Beta
> > > releases
> > 
> > (Distros would very likely remove it from their releases, so yeah,
> > unstable releases only, methinks.)
> I don't see any compelling reason why they should.

Two reasons:

  - Distros like getting their own bug reports, so either they'd have to
    rewire bug-buddy to report bugs to their system (which is probably a
    good idea, but the only distributor who has done any of that work is
    Ximian), or turn off all GNOME Project bug reporting entirely

  - To hide the idea of "GNOMEness", much in the same way Red Hat hid the
    "About KDE..." menu item in every KDE app. Not saying this is a good
    thing, just pointing out that it happens. :-)

> As long as it's reasonably subtle, good user feedback/bug reporting would
> make sense to keep in the stable versions, as realistically anybody who
> uses unstable gnome releases is already happy with bugzilla anyway. The
> sort of people who would use integrated bugbuddy like that would be end
> users who are on stable.
> I'd vote for keeping it in all releases. If distros feel otherwise, it
> should be a simple patch to turn off.

I agree, but I can understand why distros think differently.

- Jeff

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