Re: Promoting greater integration between developers/writers/I18N:) [and testers!:)]

On Sat, 2003-06-28 at 18:40, Mike Hearn wrote:
> as realistically anybody who uses unstable
> gnome releases is already happy with bugzilla anyway.

Some people who use unstable releases are uncomfortable with bugzilla.
It seems strange, but compiling software is something every unix geek
can do; same with fixing compilation problems. Bugzilla is a totally new
learning curve.

And people need to know about bugzilla's existence, too; bug-buddy is a
great way for them to find out (ie. when they get mail from a bug they

Andrew Sobala <aes gnome org>

"We made GNOME-VFS support smb: and nfs: URIs. And we made OOo support
GNOME-VFS. Booyakasha!" -- nat

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