Re: Scripting in Gnome

<quote who="jamie">

> I was suggesting a future bonobo implementation that could make use of
> several back ends including the existing corba one. Therefore existing
> apps would not be broken. New apps that required corba features like
> network and platform transparancy would still get it if they needed it.
> However a new widget that used bonobo and did not require corba could then
> use an alternate (and faster) back end like D-Bus. The choice of back-end
> could be left to the app.
> I suggest XMl as a high level wrapper for a high level interface. If you
> want to bypass the higher level and use a lower level interface like IDL
> then that should be fine too.
> To clarify, I am in no way suggesting anything that would break or make
> incompatible existing code.

It sounds like you are, from the first two paragraphs.

- Jeff

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        testament transition." - Jon Corbet on Debian's KJV packages

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