RE: Formalising the release naming process [Was: GNOME Development Release 2.5.3]

tis 2004-02-10 klockan 20.01 skrev Luis Villa:

> I think you missed my point. There are two categories of 'corporate'
> people interested in Linux right now.
> (1) IBM, Sun, etc.- they have investigated and understood the
> 'community' that comes with all of this 'free software' thing. They
> understand what is going on, and don't care if Jeff, GNOME, or God
> Himself say 'testicles' in a development release announcement.
> (2) Folks who buy the 'Java Desktop System', 'Bluecurve', or the
> forthcoming 'Novell Linux Desktop.' Those people not only don't care
> what the GNOME project says, they don't even know what the GNOME desktop
> is.

(3) Journalists that follow GNOME/Linux development to report on them. 
    Looking bad to these people reflects badly on how they will write
    about GNOME.

> [When I see 'testicles' next to 'Longhorn' in a print EWeek, I'll
> humbly, politely, and gladly eat my words. We're still a ways off from
> there.]

There are at least a couple of magazines reporting about the GNOME
development releases in paper form in Sweden. I can't see that it will
be different elsewhere.

I just think the release team miscalculated in this particular case, we
don't need to make a big fuzz about it. Learn and move on.

  Mikael Hallendal
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