RE: Formalising the release naming process [Was: GNOME Development Release 2.5.3]

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 13:47, iain wrote:
> >  It would
> > be sad if we sold that out just because we stupidly think that IBM is
> > going to walk away from linux because Jeff said 'testicles.'
> If only it were simply the case that Jeff said 'testicles'.
> But it wasn't.
> The GNOME project said 'testicles'
> If I want my software associated with such language, then I am the
> person to do it (and I often do, but only in those instances where I am
> not representing anyone else)

I think you missed my point. There are two categories of 'corporate'
people interested in Linux right now.

(1) IBM, Sun, etc.- they have investigated and understood the
'community' that comes with all of this 'free software' thing. They
understand what is going on, and don't care if Jeff, GNOME, or God
Himself say 'testicles' in a development release announcement.

(2) Folks who buy the 'Java Desktop System', 'Bluecurve', or the
forthcoming 'Novell Linux Desktop.' Those people not only don't care
what the GNOME project says, they don't even know what the GNOME desktop

Now, I think (2) is a problem, and I'd like to solve it, but the reality
is that until it is solved, publicity /for development releases/ is just
not an issue. People either don't know or (thank goodness) don't care. 

[When I see 'testicles' next to 'Longhorn' in a print EWeek, I'll
humbly, politely, and gladly eat my words. We're still a ways off from


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