Dropping sloppy focus support - how soon?

What is preventing GNOME from dropping sloppy focus support?

Such support, as well as follows-mouse focus support, is
responsible for many bugs in function and interaction.

There is no complete system designed to use sloppy focus.
It may be impossible to design a good system around it,
because of its drawbacks. Such a system would have to
have benefits owed to sloppy focus that outweigh the loss
of: clear keyboard-assigned-focus semantics; focus-tracking
effects like dynamic property inspection and on-screen
keyboards; and permanence of focus state in the event of
a bumped pointing device, window geometry changes, mappings,
and restackings.

How soon can GNOME get over the neat and cool and move on
to the "so totally frickin' awesome that I didn't notice
it and went on with my life[*]"?


[*] ". . . except in those quiet times when I
     took the opportunity to wonder at it."

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