Re: Dropping sloppy focus support - how soon?

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 23:22, Gregory Merchan wrote:
> What is preventing GNOME from dropping sloppy focus support?

The fact that a WHOLE LOT of people really like it and prefer it to
the other alternatives.

Dropping support for sloppy focus is tantamount to inciting a revolution
and... do you really want all that blood on your hands?

Hell.... I don't just want "focus-follows-mouse"... I want:

    FOCUS-FOLLOWS-EYES all I have to do is *look* at a window and it gets focus.

Can we add that support soon?  Please?  :-)


                                                      Timothy E. Peoples
                                                   Have Camel, Will Code
                                                         tim toolman org

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