Re: Release Cycle to low!

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 14:05 +0100, Murray Cumming wrote:
> > I think you should give people a break and have them breathe for
> > a while. I mean when you go and release GNOME every say 2-3 weeks
> > then it's enough time for people to compile the released Tarballs,
> > test them and do serious bugreports.
> Nonsense. You can't have too many releases. I'd be happy with
> releases every half hour if it was possible.

I want to see for how long you can keep up releasing every half an hour
and how many of the Developers will jump on your neck with a knife
because they like to kill you for this (just a little flowered
explaination since I assume the Developers wouldn't be happy at all with
this since they concentrate more on releasing rather than fixing or
improving). Please reconsider and get real the 2.5.5 release was just
wrong and came far to early.

> I think the problems here are
> - Mostly imagined.
> - Mostly irrelevant.

Irrelevant ? Excuse me but for someone like me spending the past 4 years
(yes it's that long now maybe a bit longer) working on promoting GNOME
and helping people at least for 1 hour per day howto install GNOME this
is everything else than irrelevant. Your ignorance makes it irrelevant
because you want to shape GNOME as you like (with a handful others)
indeed ignoring other people's wishes here. It shouldn't work like this.
If you call out for other people to be part of this community then you
have absolutely no right to call their opinion irrelevant. Either they
are part of the community with full rights and same legimitation or they
are no. But you are in no position to decide this.

So please excuse my little excursion here in teaching you what relevant
and irrelevant means. I don't have time or motivation going deeper into
this because this is INDEED irrelevant.


Ali Akcaagac

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