Re: Dropping sloppy focus support - how soon?

Entering the discussion, if the reason to remove sloppy focus is their bugs, then we must remove all gnome :-)

Now, seriously, it is better to have it with bugs than to make people change to other window managers :-)

Just my 5 cents.

Rob Adams wrote:
I don't think that we'll be dropping sloppy focus any time soon.  Aside
from the fact that I personally use sloppy focus, I'd be worried for my
personal safety if I took it out.

That said, there are some unfixable bugs associated with sloppy focus,
that can't be solved without changes to the X protocol specification.


On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 23:48, Ross Burton wrote:

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 05:22, Gregory Merchan wrote:

What is preventing GNOME from dropping sloppy focus support?

Apart from the huge number of bug reports about Red Hat's evil plans to
dumb down GNOME, I will personally hunt you down, and kill you.

Metacity from CVS seems to work well enough for me -- it even has
click-anywhere-to-raise enabled unlike the tarballs.

Are there any bugs which summarise the breakage sloppy-focus causes?
Would it be possible to have a "working" metacity in click-to-focus, but
acknowledge in the documentation that sloppy focus is less-than-perfect?


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