Re: request for string addition

Hi Bastien,

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> writes:

> There's nothing in the GNU/GNOME standards (if such a thing exists)
> saying which language should be used as the base ("C") language for
> programs. While it's commonly accepted that it should be in English, so
> that translators can work from it, there is nothing saying which flavour
> of the English language should be used.

Actually, there *is* something about it:

which for "Spelling" says:


    Use standard American English spelling rules, see the American
    Heritage Dictionary for guidelines.

This might be style guide for writing documentation, but I believe
it's equally applicable to GUI (I mean, it would be strange to have
British English in GUI, and American in documentation) -- perhaps
this belongs in HIG/Language section (though, I don't know if it does
fit there).

I'm not trying to argue, just point out the "reference".


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