Re: EggRecent [was Re: libomelette [was Re: glib unicode regular expression api]]

2004 07 09 12:28 +0100, Calum Benson rašė:
> > It can't be quick to use since you have to open a dialog first. This
> > contradicts itself.
> It's certainly more clicks or keystrokes, but it does have the advantage
> that you could show a lot more recent files in the dialog than you could
> on the menu.  I doubt if that's reason enough to make a complete switch,
> but there's no reason why the two methods couldn't co-exist I suppose.

A third way, and the fastest to use, is "open" toolbar item with
dropdown of recent files, as seen in gedit. The feature is immediately
visible, intuitive, occupies little space on screen when unused, and
recent files ar only one click away. If recent files are put directly in
File menu and not in "Open Recent" submenu, it's as fast to use. But
this way the menu is cluttered, and history should be limited to ~5

In contrast, recent files in file chooser is a lot more clicks:
click "Open", doubleclick "Recent files" bookmark, doubleclick filename.

Most convenient way for user, if not thinking about interface clutter,
would be to provide all three ways. Show 5 items in menu, show more
items in file chooser and toolbar. But this has to be very convenient,
almost automatic, for developer, so that everyone would use that and
programs would look consistent. And I haven't noticed toolbar item with
dropdown anywhere else...


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