Re: EggRecent [was Re: libomelette [was Re: glib unicode regular expression api]]

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Gediminas Paulauskas wrote:

> A third way, and the fastest to use, is "open" toolbar item with
> dropdown of recent files, as seen in gedit. The feature is immediately
> visible, intuitive, occupies little space on screen when unused, and
> recent files ar only one click away. If recent files are put directly in
> File menu and not in "Open Recent" submenu, it's as fast to use. But
> this way the menu is cluttered, and history should be limited to ~5
> entries.
> In contrast, recent files in file chooser is a lot more clicks:
> click "Open", doubleclick "Recent files" bookmark, doubleclick filename.
> Most convenient way for user, if not thinking about interface clutter,
> would be to provide all three ways. Show 5 items in menu, show more
> items in file chooser and toolbar. But this has to be very convenient,
> almost automatic, for developer, so that everyone would use that and
> programs would look consistent. And I haven't noticed toolbar item with
> dropdown anywhere else...

doesn't eog do this too?


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