Re: Proposed: vino

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 11:11, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> (This is a thread-starter for the final module discussion before the release
> team reports back with a summary and proposal, which will aim to represent
> the consensus of the community. Please be kind to authors, and start totally
> new threads if there's a reason to shift off-topic.)
> Description:
>   Vino is a VNC server for GNOME - it allows someone to remotely connect
>   to your desktop session using the RFB protocol.

* Would be really, really nice IMHO if we could push this in with a VNC
viewer (or launcher for vncviewer) included.

* Control panel looks nice, I think it's functionality we should have if
we can get a VNC viewer too as mentioned above, but unfortunately it
segfaults for me when I try to connect to it. Hrrrrrrrum. 

[Connection failed: No security type suitable for RFB 3.3 supported]
[Segmention fault]

This leads on to...

* Stability (and it's a server, so also security) concerns.


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