Re: Proposed: cantus

On Pr, 2004-07-19 at 21:06 +0200, Fernando Herrera wrote:
> 	cantus uses sigc++ and all the *mm stack, so if we add it to the
> desktop we should need to add the entire C++ bindings to it.

Moreover, cantus depends on old versions of sigc++ and *mm. It might be
easy to change the requirements in file (see below) or even
done in CVS, but 3.0.0 release was not buildable with all usual GNOME
development libraries installed.

cantus does not use autotools nor make, everything is built and
installed from a hand-written shell script. This is a problem for
automated build environment like garnome or jhbuild, and also for
developers who are used to build system used in all GNOME modules, and
IDEs if there is any which parses and uses Makefiles etc. Even
translators can't use usual ways to translate the app...

auto* tools is not the requirement which, when fulfilled, opens the way
to GNOME Desktop, since IMHO such specialized application does not
belong there, but might attract some developers. Project which uses
standard tools is easier to get involved into.


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