Re: Important desktop-wide change (MIME)

On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 21:48, Rob Adams wrote:
> Could we use a similar hack for adding extra MIME types then?  Each gst-
> plugin could install a .desktop with
> Exec=gst-player/whatever
> MimeType=video/mpeg...
> NoDisplay=true
> The MIME system could then be smart enough to group together
> all .desktop files with the same Exec line, or we could have a X-Gnome-
> AppId=2093758-23alksjd93-lakjsd83 line with a guid that we could group
> on.

That works for individual programs, but not for extensible libraries. If
gstreamer suddenly gains video/x-something-special support, you can't
add video/x-something-special to all gstreamer-supporting apps.


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