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--- Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote: > <quote who="Sander Vesik">
> > no, this is rather the "lets put evolution in just beacuse its evolution,
> > no matter how much it might differ from everything else, follow no rules
> > for desktop modules or how much pain it will cause in the future by
> > continuing on the same course" argument 
> Dude, you have the wrong end of the stick here. The rationale is "Evolution
> is a big module, has a bunch of existing issues, but is trying incredibly
> hard to join the release process in a meaningful way" -> everything brought
> up here (apart from the copyright assignment stuff, but including bugzilla
> and filechooser issues) has been flagged as "to be done" in a reasonable
> timeframe.
> None of this is intended to be a get-out-of-jail free card for Evolution in
> the future. If anything, it means Evo will have much higher expectations and
> attention in the next release process.

Not at all - its not just a "get out of jail" card, its a "get out of jail and never
go back as long as you continue to be really good at ignoring everything you are
told" card. 

> I, for one, intend to put Evolution under the microscope for 2.10. :-)

You wouldn't want to name say three reasons why this will give better results than
say the "we want evolution to be in gnome 2.8 not 2.6 so we can fix it to comply
with gnome requirements" thing the evolution team said about six months ago? Because
right now, not only is evolution still in need of a long list of special waivers but
also preceicely the same issues coming up as were then they are also basicly getting
pushed off into teh indefintae future precicely the same way as back then -

What sense does it make to put a module into teh desktop that not just doesn't meet
the same requirements that are expected from others but actually actively resists
making such chanegs? The evolution team shoudl start by proving they have any
intention of being part of the desktop in some other aspect than just haveing
evolution appear in teh modules list.

> - Jeff
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