Re: Proposed: gnome-nettool

El mié, 21-07-2004 a las 23:36 +0100, Calum Benson escribió:
> Germán Poó Caamaño wrote:
> > The same kind of vino's users, users that needs get assistance
> > to solve a problem and they must to give useful information.
> There's a bit of a paradox there though-- if gnome-nettools has the same 
> target audience as vino, who's to say the admin wouldn't normally just 
> use vino to remotely run the tools on the user's machine?  Which would 
> mean you would want them to be admin-focused, not user-focused :)

I was trying to say that people who need assistance to a problem 
with their machines.

For instance, I could try to help my mom and I could try to connect
to her computer using Vino... but:

Me:  Mom, what's is your IP?
Mom: I don't know? Would I execute a gnome-terminal and
     run ifconfig?
Me: Yes, please.
Mom runs terminal and execute ifconfig and tell the IP address.
Me: (trying to connect) Mom, I can't reach your computer.  Could
    run traceroute to my host?
Mom: Oh yes (she runs traceroute from a terminal).  My dear son,
    When my computer reach the ISP's border router only appears *.

In that case, I don't need to run Vino in her computer, because 
if she could give that kind of answer to me, then she is an admin
and she can solve her problem herself [1].

So, Vino and gnome-nettool allows a user to get assistance.

[1] It would be awesome, anyway :-)

Germán Poó Caamaño

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