Re: Proposed: evolution (copyright assignment)

IMO copyright assignment is a good idea when its assigned to a
organization with a specific mandate to protect your code/freedom (such
as the FSF). But its a little iffy when it comes to companies where
direction might change in the future (*cough*fart* SCO!!). Perhaps this
is where the understandable hesitation to assign copyright comes from, I
don't know.

What I do know is that while proprietary forks are possible, trying
rather hard I cannot come up with a scenario where doing so makes sense
to Novell, but doesn't involve severely contorting what we currently
know of reality.

IMO the issue is totally benign, thanks mostly to the exemplary
behaviour of ximian/novell employees, and I believe this should not be a
blocker. Although perhaps novell might sway some more votes if they
assigned copyright to FSF.

MY 2 cents.


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