Re: Important desktop-wide change (MIME)

On Fri, 2004-07-23 at 16:31 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:

> I absolutely dislike this proposal. How would the MIME system know that
> the MIME list changed without crappy .desktop touching or newly
> introduced notification complexity?
> I've got a (hopefully) better proposal:
> Different .desktop files for each plugin and a new field: MIMEMergeInto.
> Example:
> gst-player.desktop <-- Installed by the gst-player package [1]
> gst-player-mpeg.desktop <-- Installed by gst MPEG plugin package,
> contents:
> [Desktop Entry]
> Encoding=UTF-8
> MIMEType=video/mpeg
> MIMEMergeInto=gst-player.desktop
> gst-player.desktop will then support both, self.MIMEType and gst-player-
> mpeg.MIMEType mime types.
> Does the spec allow this kind of cropped entries? Does it form a huge
> performance impact?
> regs,
>  Chris
> [1]

This doesn't really solve the problem.  You've just installed a
gstreamer MPEG plugin, which means most gstreamer applications can now
understand it, but the plugin author must now distribute a "merged" 
.desktop file for every single gstreamer application?  The CheckMimeType
entry solves this because the plugin author (or packager) only has to
run update-mime-database or update-desktop-database or some similar
script after installation.

Perhaps the "MIMEMergeInto" is the right idea but backwards? Adding an
"Include" key would probably work well.  Perhaps as a list of globs or
something.  Then, gstreamer itself could install a .desktop file that
had a line reading "Include=/usr/share/gstreamer/mime-types/*.desktop"
or "Include=/usr/share/gstreamer/mime-types" or something similar and
plugin authors could drop the minimal .desktop file there and every
application that supported gstreamer MIME types would be updated

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