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On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 16:59, Calum Benson wrote:

> Cool, so let me rephrase that question :)  If we want a smooth-based
> theme to be the default for GNOME 2.8 (and I don't know if we've
> officially decided that or not, yet), I'll presumably have to add it to
> gnome-themes... so where's it coming from?  Or are we just planning to
> hack Simple to use smooth instead of thinice?

Ok, so I now have a patch (well, two patches) that adds the SmoothGNOME
desktop theme to gnome-themes:

At this point a few decisions need to be made, some more important than

- We need to decide if we really want this to be the default theme. 
AFAIK this isn't final yet-- who's making that decision, and when?

- We don't normally include the word "GNOME" in our themes.  I'd prefer
if it were just called "Smooth" (at least in the theme preferences
dialog, but preferably filenames too), if everyone's happy with that. 

- The description is currently "A very basic, conservative, HIG-colored
theme"... this is a bit self-effacing for a default theme, and "HIG"
probably doesn't mean anything to most users :)  Anyone have any better

- One of Link's patches adds a SmoothGNOME icon theme. IMHO it doesn't
make sense for the default desktop theme to override gnome-icon-theme,
so I'm thinking I'd only apply that part of the patch if we decide *not*
to make SmoothGNOME the default.  Does that make sense?


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