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On Fri, 2004-07-23 at 16:17 +0100, Calum Benson wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 16:59, Calum Benson wrote:
> > Cool, so let me rephrase that question :)  If we want a smooth-based
> > theme to be the default for GNOME 2.8 (and I don't know if we've
> > officially decided that or not, yet), I'll presumably have to add it to
> > gnome-themes... so where's it coming from?  Or are we just planning to
> > hack Simple to use smooth instead of thinice?
> Ok, so I now have a patch (well, two patches) that adds the SmoothGNOME
> desktop theme to gnome-themes:
> At this point a few decisions need to be made, some more important than
> others:
> - We need to decide if we really want this to be the default theme. 
> AFAIK this isn't final yet-- who's making that decision, and when?

Not sure, I guess we need feed back from testers?

> - We don't normally include the word "GNOME" in our themes.  I'd prefer
> if it were just called "Smooth" (at least in the theme preferences
> dialog, but preferably filenames too), if everyone's happy with that. 

Chopping it to "Smooth" is fine with me. Andrew, are you okay with this
theme being named "Smooth"?

> - The description is currently "A very basic, conservative, HIG-colored
> theme"... this is a bit self-effacing for a default theme, and "HIG"
> probably doesn't mean anything to most users :)  Anyone have any better
> suggestions?

I like the description that Maciej suggested. "Simple, smooth, yet
aesthetically pleasing theme".

> - One of Link's patches adds a SmoothGNOME icon theme. IMHO it doesn't
> make sense for the default desktop theme to override gnome-icon-theme,
> so I'm thinking I'd only apply that part of the patch if we decide *not*
> to make SmoothGNOME the default.  Does that make sense?

The "SmoothGNOME" icon theme, as it stands now, is just a very slight
set of changes to the default GNOME icon theme. I really like jimmac's
work, and so my goal with SmoothGNOME's icon theme is to remove some of
the still remaining GNOME 1 icons. Ideally, the changes that SmoothGNOME
makes should get merged into GNOME's default icon theme, though the
gnome-fs-directory one's are optional. I did hack up my own gnome-fs-
directory-visiting for the Industrial folder icons. So I guess the real
question here is, are we willing to make the changes that SmoothGNOME's
icon theme makes and apply them to GNOME's default icon theme?
Also, the SmoothGNOME GTK+ theme uses some PNGs to replace some of the
stock images (it uses the blue navigation icons from Industrial, as well
as the "apply" and "cancel" images). The proper way of doing this would
be to get those into the set of stock icons available in gnome-icon-
theme, and have the Smooth[GNOME] gtkrc use those files instead. I've
looked into this, but I'm not sure what the state of GTK+'s stock images
are; there are a lot of icons in hicolor/<size>/stock/, but it seems
that those are largely ignored by most applications?

> Cheeri,
> Calum.

Peace love and penguins,
Link Dupont <link subpop net>

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