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<quote who="Andrew Johnson">

> To put it bluntly. NO. Smooth is the name of the engine, not a theme, I
> have had enough trouble with that distinction in the past. I don't want to
> make it a permanent problem. Nor is the SmoothGNOME theme going to become
> the default Smooth theme, ever, so it makes problems even more difficult.
> I want a distinction to made between the engine, which is used for many
> themes not just the one, and any theme.

Heh, okay, I think we can accommodate. :-)

> > I like the description that Maciej suggested. "Simple, smooth, yet
> > aesthetically pleasing theme".
> This is good, so maybe we could call the theme SimplySmooth? Or is that
> too cumbersome for a potentially default theme?

This might get confusing with the current default theme, "Simple". Let's
come up with another name, completely different. How about... "Glider"? ;-)

- Jeff

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