Re: [fdo] Re: On translation regressions due to dependencies


> If the various projects are fine with this, we could have a very small
> translators project. Every translator could be a member of this project,
> so we could have a script to do the necessary sync. We could also hold a
> list of participating projects in ~i18n, or whatever.
> However, this still doesn't change the base issue: with xorg (or
> whatever), I'm personally quite uncomfortable every time we grow the
> committers list[0], so I really don't think this is the best situation,
> to be honest.
> Again, it's not that I distrust translators specifically, it's just that
> I'm a cynical bastard when it comes to dumping code in something as
> unimportant as, say, X.

What's wrong with having a single CVS and building up a web of trust
between developers like any other good free software project? This is
where a model like GNOME [and KDE] wins hands down over anything like
sourceforge or - lots of people work on the same code base
[everyone from translators to usability, documentation and
accessibility] and this a huge bonus to creating a relatively cohesive
and tight knit community. Less control, sure, but the potential for
something a lot better.


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