Re: [fdo] Re: On translation regressions due to dependencies

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:

> On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > At this stage, I'm thinking an overlay module would be the best
> > solution. Can any of the translators (or developers, or anyone) comment
> > on whether I'm just really stupid or if this is actually a good idea?
> FWIW: for my Mandrakesoft translations I can check out & commit to a
> 'virtual' /po module which contains all translations. This works fine
> for me; in my opinion it would be worth trying for fd.o.

I'm 99% sure this is what Red Hat is doing.  Here is part of
their CVSROOT/modules:

po_anaconda             -d anaconda anaconda/po
po_autorun              -d autorun autorun/po
po_Xconfigurator        -d Xconfigurator Xconfigurator/po
po_apacheconf           -d apacheconf apacheconf/po
po_authconfig           -d authconfig authconfig/po
po_bindconf             -d bindconf bindconf/po
po_chkconfig            -d chkconfig chkconfig/po
po_redhat-config-date           -d redhat-config-date
po_firstboot            -d firstboot firstboot/po
po_hwbrowser            -d hwbrowser hwbrowser/po
po_initscripts          -d initscripts initscripts/po
po_kbdconfig            -d kbdconfig kbdconfig/po
po_redhat-config-kickstart             -d redhat-config-kickstart
po_kudzu                -d kudzu kudzu/po
translate               &po_anaconda &po_apacheconf \
                        &po_authconfig &po_bindconf &po_chkconfig \
                        &po_initscripts &po_setuptool \
                        &po_redhat-config-kickstart &po_kudzu &po_libuser \
                        &po_redhat-config-network &po_printconf \
                        &po_switchdesk \
                        &po_usermode &po_specspo &po_redhat-config-date \
                        &po_rhusers \
                        &po_hwbrowser &po_firstboot  \
                        &po_redhat-artwork \
                        &po_system-switchmail \
                        &po_rhn-applet &po_up2date \
                        &po_redhat-logviewer &po_autorun \
                        &po_redhat-config-keyboard &po_redhat-config-language &po_redhat-config-mouse \
                        &po_redhat-config-rootpassword &po_redhat-config-securitylevel &po_redhat-config-soundcard \
                        &po_redhat-config-nfs &po_redhat-config-samba &po_redhat-config-xfree \
                        &po_redhat-config-proc &po_redhat-config-proc-xml &po_redhat-config-services \
                        &po_redhat-menus &po_redhat-config-packages \
                        &comps-po &po_rhpl &po_redhat-config-netboot \
                        &po_redhat-config-cluster &po_rhgb &po_redhat-config-boot \
                        &anaconda-help &po_system-switch-im


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