Re: [fdo] Re: On translation regressions due to dependencies

tir, 27,.07.2004 kl. 11.32 +0200, skrev Reinout van Schouwen:
> On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > At this stage, I'm thinking an overlay module would be the best
> > solution. Can any of the translators (or developers, or anyone) comment
> > on whether I'm just really stupid or if this is actually a good idea?
> FWIW: for my Mandrakesoft translations I can check out & commit to a
> 'virtual' /po module which contains all translations. This works fine
> for me; in my opinion it would be worth trying for fd.o.
This is the same way that Fedora/Red Hat have done translations. There's
a metamodule called "translate" that contains the po/ directories for
all projects that need attention from translators. They also have some
kind of ACL set up that checks whether the person commiting has
permission to do changes to the language in question. Maybe someone from
Red Hat can chime in here with more info?


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