Re: Request for Comments: GNOME Notifier

I'd like to just echo Christians email here - we've been attempting to
produce a system acceptable to all, thought has been put into KDE
KNotify/KPassivePopup integration for instance. We actually have some
code: a C libnotify and a C++ notification server that can display simple
notifications either on the console or using GTK (mapping it to
KPassivePopup is not too hard, afaik).

We've also put a fair bit of thought into the spec: for instance, trying
to keep implementations simple based on real world experience of
implementing it in the "reference implementation", trying to consider
different presentations other than KPassivePopup/MSN style "poptarts" and
so on.

Please, check it out and see what you think. Unfortunately both me and
Christian have had a spare time crunch lately so it may be a few weeks
before we are happy with the spec and can formally propose it as a
potential future standard.

In particular I'd love to seek feedback from the KDE developers on this,
unfortunately last time I tried to join an equivalent thread to this one
on kde-core-devel I found it was invitation only, and then ran out of time
again :/

thanks -mike

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