Re: Request for Comments: GNOME Notifier

On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 12:32:08AM -0400, Franco Catrin L. wrote:
> I want to receive some ideas and thoughts from you about a User
> Notification System for GNOME, or better than that, a Desktop User
> Notification System.
> I understand a DUNS as a single place where all notifications are sent
> and presented in some way to the user.  For example to receive a message
> when a new mail arrives or when a friend is online.

Mike Hearn and I have been drafting a spec for proposal to that would provide a D-BUS service for such
notifications. The spec is nearly ready for the peer review stage, and
once people are generally satisfied, we will present it to fd.o. We
also have a testcase library and daemon, which are a bit primitive

The spec is available at:

Again, it's not finished quite yet. Comments, suggestions, and
criticisms are welcome. We have received feedback from a few different
projects, but we'd like more before we propose it.

Christian Hammond         <>  The Galago Project
chipx86 gnupdate org      <>
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