Re: GLF- Gnome Lockdown Framework

Citerar Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com>:

> concept of different sources for defaults and writability. Although it
> does need some slight extensions to be easily usable, see the groups
> idea in the mail you linked to above.
> There should never be any need for an app to do anything else than look
> at the /apps/$app/lockdown/allow_foo key(or whatever key is used) . The
> mapping of this value to the right value depending on the user/groups
> etc should be automatically handled by the gconf backend. Anything else
> is broken.


Is there any work going on when it comes to developing a policy tool, then?
Like, integrating policy editing into, say, GST? GNOME should really have such a
tool, anyhow.

Mikael Carneholm, M.Sc
arch at the host called enterprise hb se 

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